Tree & Palm Removal

Cairns & Tablelands

Removing a tree while it is still alive is easier because it is safer to climb. Easier is cheaper because our quotes are based on time. Recently -dead trees take a little longer to safely remove, and very dead trees become unsafe to climb.
Big does not always mean expensive. Some big trees are easily felled and therefore cheaper than say, dismantling a smaller tree hanging over your house.
Remember that you will need council approval to remove trees in some areas of Cairns and Tablelands. Not doing this can result in a fine for you or your company.
Sometimes there are other options to removing a tree to achieve a desired result. A large or beautiful tree is an asset to your property, they can be pruned to reduce hazard or let in more light but are hard to replace once gone.

We have just had a mix of large Palm trees and other’s trimmed or removed by Chris from Artistree. We’re thrilled with the result and were impressed by his professionalism and consultative approach from time of the quote to job completion. Chris and his team are obviously very skilled, and their attention to detail included tidying of the yard when finished. Thank you so much and we’ll call you again
Peter and Elizabeth

Redlynch 4870